Welcome to Volleyhead

What the &#^@ is a Volleyhead?

Everyone has heard of a "sneakerhead," a Volleyhead is no different. You are passionate about the sport of volleyball and want to stay up to date on the latest news, stats, and player stories.

We give you a resource to understand what your options are beyond playing in college. We're not an agency, but our we know how to get you started on the right foot. We (Scott Kevorken & Julian Moses) both played college volleyball, but had no clue how to take our game to the pro level. We had no in depth knowledge of teams, leagues, agents, timelines... or really anything! A few months ago, a mutual friend put us in contact after hearing our shared stories and we've been building this resource ever since.

Over the past few weeks, we've been lucky to get some help from top names in the volleyball community. We can't wait to bring you quality content that streamlines this process for you.

What do I get?

You deserve to be updated on professional Volleyball. You'll get free access to all of our stuff. 2 emails a week, and all the stuff we plan on doing in the future (it's a lot). Tuesday's you'll get information from across a few pro leagues, and Friday's you'll get an article, which might be an interview with a pro or something to help you navigate your pro career.

We are also putting together a resource that will give you all the top Agent's information

We're also building a website, volleyhead.com (you get early access), where you will have all of our information & projects.


Both of us wanted this when we were in college. Paying attention to pro volleyball is hard, and we want to make it easy. Going pro is even harder and we want to give you the tools to go do it. It's an amazing experience.

We're excited to share all the stuff we learned with you. Happy New Year, and good luck this season.