Woah... Crazy matches this week

This week we saw some pretty great matchups across the leauges. We will be covering the Italian SuperLega, Polish PlusLiga & German Bundesliga's matches over the last week.

If you want to watch Micah Christenson and Zenit Kazan to their thing, check out this video. This team is absurd to watch. The clip below is a wild rally, also from the Russian league. (please excuse the awful sound)

Incredible rally from the Zenit St. Petersburg match today!! from volleyball

Italian SuperLega

This week there were some outstanding matches in the SuperLega. Most exciting was the matchup between Modena & Piacenza (highlights, here).

Polish PlusLiga

This week the Polish league had some pretty interesting matches this week. Notably 10th ranked Radom beat 4th ranked Warszawa in 5 sets.

Another interesting match was between Indykpol AZS Olsztyn (TJ Defalco, Taylor Averill) and Asseco Resovia. Both sit around the middle of the rankings, but Resovia put Indykpol AZS Olsztyn away in 3 sets.

Micah Ma'a & his team from Katowice, beat Trefl Gdansk in 4 sets.


It seems like the entire Bundesliga has had COVID since the middle of December. We haven't seen a lot of matches, but we were blessed with a five set thriller between Gießen and Lüneburg. Jordan Ewert, Joe Worsely and Dalton Solbrig topped Stijn van Tilburg and the Grizzlys.

Check out the Bundesliga highlights of the week, here.